Delay Between Two Cleverscopes when Running 8 Channels

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17th January
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I am trying to run two cleverscopes connected together to run in the 8-channel configuration. I am trying to measure delay between a number of signals, so connecting two cleverscopes together is necessary based on the amount of signals I am measuring.

However, I found that I have a large delay between the two scopes when connected as described in the YouTube video below. All four of the signals in the attached image are of the same net. Channel E and F are associated with one scope and channels A and B are associated with the second scope.

Can anyone tell me why I see such a large delay between the signals all measuring the same net? The YouTube video showed a delay in the ps range, where my image shows delays in the 500ns range.

For reference I have attached my setup in the .apc file

17th January
Posts: 9

For some reason, I cannot see my .apc setup attachment on the forum, but if anyone needs it, please reply back. I am not sure if there is a limit to the file size on the Cleverscope forum. The file is only 222KB.

18th January
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Hello Tim,
This is most unexpected. We will do some testing here, and see what we see. This function has been working for a very long time. In the meantime, a short term work around is to use the time alignment function to align the 4 channels to the other 4.

Do this using the Settings/Channel Time Alignment/Configure Diaolog. Say the E..H channels were appearing 500ns early, you want time 0 in the A channel to correspond to -500ns in the E channel. So you enter -500n for E..H, and this should align them.

Please email, and send us the .apc file. We will find out why it is not updating.

I will get back to you shortly.

19th January
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Hi Bart,
Are you able to see the attached .apc file? I may have posted the .apc file in the Attach Images section, which is why it isn't showing up.

For reference, we are trying to do this with two CS548 Cleverscopes, in case you are trying to replicate what we are seeing.

Attached Files

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