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7th February
Posts: 9

If possible, would it be possible to add a feature to the Cleverscope software to copy an image of the Signal Information window to your clipboard, similar to how you can copy the Scope Display to your clipboard and then paste it elsewhere?

I love the signal information window, but if I want to capture data, I find that I need to take a snip of the signal information data using my Snipping Tool, then paste that image to my Word document, PowerPoint, etc. It would be great to just copy the Signal Information window directly to the clipboard. I know that you can export the data to Excel, but it's nice to have this as a picture, too.

Thanks. Love the software and scope.

7th February
Posts: 481

Hello Timothy,
Yes, I'd like that as well, we will do it.
There is a work around, hold the Alt key down and click Print Screen. This will give you just the Signal Information window in the clip board.

Thanks for the comments!
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