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1st March
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Not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong
The attached screen grab shows that the requested number of samples displayed is 5000
The actual display frame only shows 2500
& to add more to my confusion the number saved shows that 2516 points have been captured but the sample display frame scale shows only ~1250

To me it looks like some scaling factor for the display is off or I could be misunderstanding something

1st March
Posts: 2

Apologies, figured out my mistake -
the display frame is units of Time,
all the other values are sample numbers & as I was using 0.5sec sample rate... doh!

but while I am here, is there a way to get the colours of the logging display for the 4 channel to match the scope display?
I have chnaged/edited the colours via menu > settings > setup colours & markers & selected the check box "Apply to all graph displays" but the logging colours seem to be unaffected.

Am using 2 off CS328A's with a link cable
rhcarter rhcarter

1st March
Posts: 112

Hi, that is because the traces showing in the logging window are not channels but the first four items being saved to file. If you are only logging one item then it will show the four channels but if you are logging more items then it will be the first four from channel A.

To see the four channels then streaming is the best way to do it.

It is a long time since we looked at the logging window so we will have another look at it soon to see what improvements it might have. The latest version going up shortly allows you to right click on the Signal Information and either save as an image or save as text into a table..

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