List of installation problems that have been reported

List of installation problems that have been reported, a forum discussion on Cleverscope Mixed Signal USB Oscilloscopes. Join us for more discussions on List of installation problems that have been reported on our Installation Issues forum.

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7 Nov 2006
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We get occasional installation problems, and it is useful to list them here:

1. After installing you get a pop-up window stating ""Executable version (7.1.1) does not match the resource file (7.1). Please check your configuration."" The program is not usable.

This is a National Instruments problem that indicates a previous installation of the Labview 7.1.1 Run-time engine has been corrupted.

The solution is to follow these steps:
a. Download the LV 7.1.1 Runtime from It is a 32 Mbyte download.
b. Run the LVRuntimeEnge.exe
b Select the ‘Repair’ option.

This will fix the problem, and will not affect other runtimes (eg LV8+).
The problem is reported by NI here:

2. After upgrading from Cleverscope v32xx or v33xx to v34xx or 35xx you get quite a long list of signal analysis VI's that have not been found, and the application does not run.

This occurs occasionally because of an upgrade incompatability between Labview 6 and Labview 7. The solution is to rename the existing 'program files/cleverscope' directory to 'program files/cleverscope old', and then do the installation again. Do not delete the existing 'program files/cleverscope' directory.

3. After installing you click on the expand/contact buttons, and the axis values quickly become enormous, and you are unable to get back to sensible values.

This problem occurs when the PC screen DPI setting is other than normal (96 DPI), and the cleverscope.ini file is missing these lines:

appFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""
dialogFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""
systemFont=""""Tahoma"" 13""

This can happen if the user deleted the Cleverscope.ini file.

4. The Cleverscope stops responding after the user programs another project using the FTDI Mprog program.

Cleverscope uses an FTDI FT245 for USB communications, and if the user has another project using an FTDI FT245, and the Mprog 'Only Program Blank Devices' option is unticked, Mprog will program all attached FT245 devices, including the Cleverscope one. This renders the Cleverscope inoperable. This can be repaired in the field, please email support

Similarly, the user must be very aware when using Mprog to program the Cleverscope USB address (as is done when making a 4 channel Cleverscope) that other FT245 based devices may be programmed. For this reason we urge you to unplug all other USB devices before using Mprog. As an example the Altera USB blaster also uses the FT245, and will be programmed if you leave it connected.

5. If you are installing on a Win98 or Win NT machine, then you must use the installations found in our resources page on the website ( The current version of Labview no longer supports Win98 or NT. Further, you must choose the correct installation if you are running on a Pentium I or II machine.
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