Using Cleverscope

The Cleverscope system has a very wide capability, which we illustrate with video and text. Our videos and Tutorials give step-by-step instructions on specific operations with a Cleverscope. Screenshots taken during operation of a Cleverscope show exactly what you can expect to see.

Sample setup files for your Cleverscope are .apc files that capture all settings and screen placements for the scope, enabling repeatability for experiments and testing. They are very useful for university class sets to be initialised for a particular scenario.

Download and extract from the zip file. Go to File | Open and browse to the .apc file. Where "Get Frame" had been clicked before saving the full frame is included in the file

Power Supply Rejection Ratio

Use the Cleverscope Frequency Response Analyser to measure the Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) of a power supply with the CS1070 Power Amplifier.

Live export to Matlab

If you wish to use Matlab to do further signal processing the Cleverscope Maths module includes live export of processed signals, and display of the returned processed signal.  This  video shows you how.  > Read more

Family of Curves

You can use the 'AddRef' persistence command to make a family of curves, and then step around them, and make further measurements as needed.

Long duration (10 hour or 38 G Sample streaming)

This streaming capture shows streaming for 10 hours, live protocol decoding, spectrum analysis, zooming, tracking graph usage, all while capturing at 1 MSPS for over 38 G Samples.

Input Impedance

Use the Cleverscope Frequency Response Analyser to measure the input impedance of a power supply with the CS1070 Power Amplifier.

Measuring a composite capacitive impedance

Following on from the measurement of the 22uF capacitor, we add a Wurth 330uF polymer electrolytic capacitor in parallel, and look at the resulting Impedance and Resr.

Measuring low impedance ceramic capacitors

We use the Cleverscope FRA system and hand made jig to measure the impedance/frequency curve for a low impedance 22uF ceramic capacitor. We examine it's application in power supply filtering.

Maths Event Counting

How to count events using a Cleverscope

Streaming to disk Introduction

You can use Charting to stream captured samples to disk continuously at up to 3 Msps. The maximum capture size is around 300 G samples. After having captured you can zoom and pan very quickly to find the features important to you. This video shows you how

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