CS1200 Active Optical Fibre isolated remote digitizer

Battery powered, active fibre optic linked remote digitizer for CS548.

The CS1200 Digitizer is an active optical fibre isolated digitizer for the CS548. It uses a standard QSFP terminated active optical cable (AOC) to connect the CS1200 to the QSFP remote sockets on the CS548 front Panel. The input specification is identical to the CS548 internal channels. The CS1200 is an optional purchase.

CS1200 Digitizer

  • 30kV isolation provided >150mm spacing between IsoPod and other structures.
  • 2 pF free space capacitance >50 mm above reference plane
  • 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz
  • 14 bit resolution, 100dB dynamic range
  • 200 MHz Analog BW
  • 100uV resolution on 0.8v range
  • 200uV rms noise on 0.8V range

Specify cable length when purchasing - 3, 10 or 30m.


PRICE $ 2980.00


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